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7 Courses of Beef Menu

All seven dishes will be served. Menu is served with rice paper, mixed vegetable & greens, cucumber, carrots and bean sprouts.

Price Varies from Locations

Please call for Prices

1. Goi Bo Special Beef Salad
A refreshing flavorful mixed salad

2. Bo Dung Dam Beef Fondue
Slices of Tenderloin fondue at your table in a simmering red wine vinegar sauce. 

3. Bo Cha Dum Steamed Beef Meat Balls
Delicious Meat Balls mixed with Nuts, Mushrooms and various traditional Vietnamese spices.

5. Bo La Lot Beef Wrapped in Hawaiian Lot Leaf
Minced beef mixed with spices and wrapped in an aromatic leaf freshly flown from Hawaii.


4. Bo Moi Chai Grilled Beef Sausages
Sausages mixed with spices grilled over charcoal to perfection.

  6. Bo Nuong Sa Beef Grilled with Lemon Grass
Delicious charcoal grilled tenderloin rolls topped with peanuts and lemongrass sauce.


7. Chao Bo Beef Rice Soup
A rich flavorful beef rice soup

Prices are subject to change without notice.




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